VAT Compliance

with TAXWARE Solutions

VAT Compliance

Each EU Country

  •  VAT-Registration
    • TAX-ID
    • VAT-ID
    • Extension (on request)
  • 12 Monthly VAT Returns
  • 1 Annual Declaration
  • Intrastat & EC sale list
  • Unlimited transactions / Month
  • Up to 20 Incoming Invoices
  • Separately payments fee are possible


One Stop Shop in Germany

  • OSS VAT-Registration
  • OSS Compliance 1st Year
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Separately payments fee are possible

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When do I need to be VAT registered and pay taxes in Germany?

You are obligated to register for VAT in Germany if your stock is stored in a German warehouse (e.g., Amazon warehouse). Taxware provides a streamlined solution to manage your VAT obligations in Germany, making it the best choice for sellers.


What is the tax number?

In Germany, you’ll receive two numbers as part of the VAT process. The first is the tax number (Steuernummer), used for your monthly VAT filings and general correspondence with tax authorities. Taxware ensures that you’re always up-to-date with your filings, making tax compliance hassle-free.


Where do I submit my tax registration as well as the VAT return filings?

Different tax offices in Germany are responsible for your VAT application, depending on your company’s location. Taxware can guide you through this process, ensuring that you submit the necessary documentation to the correct tax office.

What additional tax obligations apply?

Besides filing your VAT returns, usually on a monthly or quarterly basis, you also need to retain records and documents relevant for tax purposes. Taxware’s comprehensive platform helps you manage all these obligations in one place.

What is the distance selling threshold?
The distance selling threshold is €100,000 per annum. If your company is located inanother European country and products are not stored in any warehouse in Germany, VAT Compliance in Germany becomes necessary as soon as you exceed the distance selling threshold.
What is the VAT ID-number?

The VAT ID is a 9-digit number that includes the country code (e.g., DE for Germany). This number is crucial for intra-community supplies, especially when you’re doing business with companies from other European countries. Taxware can assist you in obtaining and managing your VAT ID, ensuring smooth cross-border transactions.

What information is required to get a registered and receive a German VAT number?

You’ll need to provide various documents, such as a Business License, Identity Card of the Managing Director, and any shareholder or storage agreements. Taxware simplifies this process by providing a checklist and assisting you in gathering the required documents.

What is a tax certificate?

As of January 1, 2019, all electronic marketplaces are liable for any online seller who is not VAT compliant. Therefore, platforms like Amazon now require sellers to provide a tax certificate. Taxware can help you obtain this certificate, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

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